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Namsong Cherry
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Okay so am kindda lost here... What is gonna happen now to got7? They'll be debuting in Japan, just how long do u think they'll promote/stay there? What are the activities that they'll be doing? Lol sorry for the questions...

jackson is going to continue his HITMAKER show

GOT7 will have second season of REALGOT7 on youtube coming out every week (we don’t know when exactly it’s going to start)

GOT7 will also have schedule in Korea while promoting in Japan but obviously it’s not reveled yet (we don’t know what activities they’re going to have in Korea in 1-2-3 months)

when GOT7 starts promoting their japanese single, they’ll probably appear / sing on 1 or 2 shows to promote it


07.30 JYP vs Starship battle MNET

07.31 Natuur Pop Fansign

08.01 Simply Kpop (Jackson as a host)

08.02 MBC We Got Married

08.04 Crisis Escape Number 1

08.09-10 JYP Nation One Mic in Korea (FAMILY CONCERTS)

08.23 TOFU MUSIC FESTIVAL in Thailand

08.30 JYP Nation One Mic in HONG KONG

09.05-07 JYP Nation One Mic in Japan

+ KPOP festival in Germany in September


10.07-08 Zepp Namba

10.09 Zepp Fukuoka

10.14-15 Zepp DiverCity

10.21-22 Zepp Nagoya

11.05-06 Tour Finale 

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